McAfee is now offering WaveSecure for iOS devices, an app that will help you protect your data and your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad against loss or theft.

It'll let you back up your data so you're protected against accidental data loss as well as remotely wipe and lock the device should it be lost or stolen.

It is available for £13.99 from the App Store. The iPhone already offers remote wipe and locking features for free, via the Find My iPhone feature.

Nonetheless, McAfee has launched the product in 17 different languages to sit alongside its Enterprise Mobility Manager, which provides security for business iPhone users.

"We are excited to extend our platform coverage to one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices on the market," said Todd Gebhart, co-president, McAfee.

"Consumers use their mobile devices to hold some of the most important details of their life. McAfee WaveSecure software works seamlessly to secure, back up and wirelessly restore content on the device via the online portal. So even if the device is lost, stolen or damaged, or even if users accidentally delete their data, the data remains safe and easily accessible," he continued.