Secure email and web gateway provider Marshal has introduced an email encryption system it claims takes the pain out of enforcing secure communications rules.

The system, called MailMarshal Secure Email Server, combines encryption, digital signing and content inspection of email traffic, and works with any email gateway that supports S/MIME encrypted email, the company said.

The company aims to provide a single point of control where administrators can manage email encryption for an entire organisation.

The system is easy to use, Marshal said, requiring no workstation software and no user training.

The server automatically updates contact details and certificate credentials via LDAP synchronisation, making it easier and cheaper for large groups of business partners to use encrypted email, Marshal said.

MailMarshal supports multiple levels of encryption using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with S/MIME encryption standards, up to Triple-DES (168-bit) cryptography, Marshal said.

The company said many organisations have held back from implementing PKI due solely to its cost and complexity.