Lumension Security, formerly PatchLink, has bought Texas-based Securityworks with the intention of transplanting its compliance and risk assessment product in place of its own.

Although the company's is best known for its patching, endpoint and vulnerability management products, the move is a bold attempt to keep expanding in the face of the demand from customers for integrated rather than standalone security apps.

The Securityworks technology adds the ability to relate vulnerability data from servers, PCs and laptops to their place in a compliance regime. Importantly, it will give Lumension customers who take it up better reporting of patching and security control procedures in a single system.

At the moment, the theory goes, getting this is made more complex by using systems from a range of vendors at one time because they all output reports for different compliance regimes in different ways.

Why had Lumension not simply developed its own product into something similar to that being offered by the acquired company?

"The technology they [Securityworks] had is well developed. It is not something you can develop quickly or get out the door to the market," said Lumension senior vice president, Andrew Clarke. "If Lumension was to hide in the labs it would have something that Securityworks has now after years."

Securityworks brings with it a relatively small customer base of around 30-40 clients, but these are believed to be "high end", with potential for cross-selling Lumension's other software. The compliance and risk assessment product would also be available in a standlone form, though integration is clearly the way forward.

What the privately-backed Lumension paid for equally private Securityworks has not been disclosed. The company said it had held off announcing the buy until it had integrated Securityworks' software with its own endpoint security software, a process now completed.

The buy carries on the attempt by the old PatchLink to reinvent itself as a broader-based security software company, a move the company kicked off by changing its name to Lumension Security in September 2007.