Alleged LulzSec member Ryan Cleary was re-arrested last month for breaching his bail conditions by emailing the hacking group’s head ‘Sabu’ over the Christmas period, according to press reports.

Cleary, 19, was originally bailed last June after being arrested days earlier for alleged DDoS attacks on a number of organisations including the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

"Ryan Cleary is very relieved to be granted bail and to be home to his mum, his cats and his books,” Cleary’s lawyers said in a statement outside Southwark Crown Court at the time.

After being found to have broken those conditions by using the Internet, Cleary was detained on 5 March.  

The following day, 6 March, Sabu – or Hector Xavier Monsegur to give him his real name – was revealed to have been working for law enforcement since 7 June 2011, days before Cleary was arrested for the first time.

It now looks as if Sabu’s conversion and the arrests of fellow LulzSec members were connected although, as with so many other elements of this case, this is surmise.

Cleary is being held in Chelmsford Prison pending his court hearing in May.

A number of alleged fellow members of the self-styled group have been detained, including the group's mouthpiece 'Topiary', claimed to be a teen from The Shetlands islands arrested in July.