Kryptiva has released a free encryption plug-in and server software for common email systems.

The new Email Encryption Architecture works with any email system to authenticate users and encrypt content, according to company officials. With this free download, Kryptiva hopes to change the minds of those who believe email encryption is too expensive and difficult to deploy.

The Email Encryption Architecture, based on RSA 1024 and AES 128 encryption algorithms, doesn't require recipients to publish keys or certificates in advance, officials said.

The new product includes Kryptiva Packaging Plugin that resides with client email systems, and the Kryptiva Packaging Server that is installed on a network server and integrates with an organisation's directory services to package an email before it is sent for authentication, encryption and proof of delivery, officials said. The server then returns the packaged email to the client plug-in and is sent into the outbound mail stream.

On the receiving end, the plug-in confirms with the local server that the recipient attempting to open the email is the intended one. The Kryptiva Online Services help the plug-in authenticate inbound email and process proof of delivery.

The Email Encryption Architecture plug-in is available for free download, as is the server software once a company completes the activation process, which includes obtaining an SSL certificate for Kryptiva to validate the company's identity and location.