Juniper and Symantec have agreed to work together on unified threat management (UTM) and intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) products.

The link-up will first aim to improve Juniper's UTM and IDP offerings by integrating them with Symantec's antispam IDP/IPS (intrusion protection systems) signatures, vulnerability information and research. In the long term, both intend to extend their partnership to anti-virus and threat detection.

Juniper provides products for building IP networks, while Symantec is a security-software vendor with products for individual PC users and companies. The partnership will pair the network protection element of Juniper's business with the desktop security provided by Symantec.

The companies will also integrate their existing end-point compliance and access control products to develop standards-based enforcement and compliance software, they said. They will keep working jointly to support the Trust Network Connect open standard - a set of non-proprietary network access control specs.

The products expected to emerge from the partnership will be marketed and sold by both companies. Meanwhile, Symantec will recommend Juniper's integrated security and IDP products to its enterprise customers and Juniper will likewise market and sell Symantec security content as part of its Integrated Security Solutions portfolio.

The "drivers" for the partnership are to provide better security to customers, and so provide faster response to threats and more comprehensive security coverage, said Symantec CEO John W. Thompson.