A Canadian company has reportedly bought the rights to make a $28 million (£17.5 million) biopic adapted from the unpublished memoirs of eccentric antivirus founder and ex-Belize resident, John McAfee.

Tentatively titled Running in the Background, co-backer Impact Media said the movie would cover the 67 year-old UK-born entrepreneur’s life from childhood through his founding of pioneering antivirus firm McAfee, to the present day.

Given that possible locations are said to include Hawaii and Puerto Rico – both of which could pass for Belize - the ‘present day’ might turn out to figure heavily in the script.

“Although Mr McAfee’s recent adventures have been widely publicized, the surface has barely been scratched regarding his life story,” said prospective producer, Michael Mosca.

“John McAfee has entrusted us with his life story, and it was essential that we find the right partners to help bring this quality project to the bigscreen,” chimed Francois Garcia, co-founder of Impact.

Scratching that surface is bound to be controversial, entertaining and possibly mystifying, depending on your interpretation of the odd events since November, when McAfee’s neighbour in Belize was found dead.

McAfee’s role that murder – or innocence of all involvement – remains unexplained but McAfee’s baffling behaviour in trying to slip out of the country with as many journalists in tow and maximum media attention led some to suspect that the whole thing might be staged.

That seems a little far-fetched even for the John McAfee story.

A second McAfee film project is also in the works, Warner Brothers’ John McAfee’s Last Stand, Based on a journalist Joshua Davis’s recent Wired magazine account of “McAfee’s heart of darkness, a harrowing and jaw-dropping tale of ambition, paranoia, sex, and madness,” unquote.

Microsoft was sent up in Douglas Coupland’s novel Microserfs, Apple’s Steve Jobs is to be the subject of jOBS, but film treatments of computing’s greats are few and far between; in an industry better known for its introverted programmers and engineers, antivirus security will make belated appearance in McAfee’s movie brace.