The chances were always slim that antivirus founder John McAfee would return to his former mansion in Belize and now he can’t. Last Thursday it burned down, more evidence according to McAfee, that he’s no longer welcome in the country.

In a blog, McAfee claimed that the destruction of his beautiful waterside Shangri-La amidst the palm trees was arson motivated by anger at the acquittal of some of his employees over unspecified charges related to their time working for him.

“The Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow [of Belize] has enormous power and puts it into action whenever he needs to…today was another good example,” wrote McAfee in an otherwise restrained post that included numerous shots of the building’s carbonized remains.

“My sources confirm that…and investment group was about to purchase the property,” he claimed, hinting that the motivation might have been to damage him economically by denying him the proceeds.

The alleged conspiracies surrounding McAfee’s life have shown no sign of slowing since he fled Belize last November after police said they considered him a person of interest over the death of a neighbour.

McAfee evaded police by bizarre fashion using disguises, apparently faking a heart attack at one point to delay extradition from neighbouring Guatemala.

All the while he granted interviews with trailing journalists and has since been working on a graphic novel about his life.

At one point he claimed he had spied on the Belize Government using keyloggers, free netbook computers given to targets and prostitutes.

Two movies of events have been rumoured to be in the works, although making sense of events will doubtless require a script writer able to fashion a coherent story from a plot with more false bottoms than a layer cake.