UK customers looking for security hardware have a better chance of being offered Internet Security Systems (ISS) products in future after the company announced a doubling of its dealer margins.

The new rate is 30 percent of the resale price, a generosity born of marked unhappiness in the sales channel. Underlining the company's keenness to please, it will also be offering training and marketing money to help dealers shift the company's products.

"Dealers just couldn't make enough money from selling our products," admitted new channel business development manager Howard Freeman, brought in only recently from Ideal Hardware to shore up the company's channel push.

Freeman was adamant that ISS was not reacting to a deeper problem in sales figures or that the products were in any way uncompetitive from a customer point of view.

The company has produced new appliances in the last year aimed at small and medium businesses (SMBs) that take it away from its traditional focus on selling high-end software systems to enterprise customers. This end of the market is more price-sensitive and dealers can find it harder work.

The success of this shift is unclear but the doubling of dealer margins suggests that things might not been going as well as expected in the UK sector. "I hope people will recognise ISS as not just high-end IDS and as having products across the spectrum," said Freeman.