Internet Security Systems (ISS) has added Linux support to its Proventia Server Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) platform.

The new release means that Proventia is now available for all major operating systems, after the company released a version for Windows servers late last year, adding to Solaris, HP-UX and AIX support.

The Proventia brand name is also attached to a range of mostly high-end hardware appliances.

Supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Servers, the server claims to offer several layers of defence. As well as basic firewalling, AV assurance, and policy enforcement, the server includes specific security technologies such as BOEP (Buffer Overflow Exploitation Prevention), and VPP (Virtual Patch Protection).

Buffer exploits are, of course, one of the commonest forms of vulnerability attacks, while virtual patching allows admins to protect against specific vulnerabilities by blocking attacks until they have been properly remedied with the correct updates. This relies on constant updates from the ISS X-Force vulnerability service.

“Recognising that the Linux market is growing rapidly and that many of our customers have heterogeneous environments, we also provide organisations the unique ability to manage security events for all of their servers using minimal resources through our Proventia Management SiteProtector console,” said Heath Thompson of ISS.

Pricing for the new product could not be confirmed, but is believed to run from $750 for a basic licence.