IronPort Systems has introduced a high-performance model in its family of email security appliances designed for high-volume enterprises and ISPs.

The company said that the X1050 offered more than 400 percent greater processing power than IronPort's existing high-end appliance. According to IronPort, this performance boost would allow enterprises and ISPs that send and receive large amounts of email to deal with the growing volumes of spam without having to add hardware.

During the second half of 2006, IronPort saw spam volumes more than triple, as compared with the levels reached in 2005, and these volumes show no signs of slowing in 2007. The more spam sent, the longer it takes legitimate email to reach in-boxes because anti-spam filters and other techniques have more messages to sift through, they say.

IronPort's said its new X1050 could process more than 2.5 million messages per hour, employing both anti-spam and anti-virus protection. With the advantage of more processing power, the appliance can apply more advanced spam-filtering algorithms to each inbound message, further cutting back on the amount of spam that lands in customers' in-boxes, officials say.

The X1050 starts at US$75,000.