Imation has announced its first significant refresh of the IronKey secure USB sticks it took control of in a buy-out a year ago, mainly tweaking the software used with the drives.

The encryption-based drives, now known as the Imation Enterprise S200, S250 and D250, are physically identical to the aluminium-clad design released by IronKey (which retains control of the underlying firmware), and now come with slightly boosted read performance.

The drives are now fully integrated into Imation’s enterprise cloud services, which allows remote reset and password changing, an improved control panel and multi-language authentication.

The drives are also now compliant with FIP-140-2 level 3.

Disappointingly, the drives remain USB 2.0 and capacities remains as they have been for some time; ranging from 8GB to 32GB. Other management and security features – tamper resistance, managed encryption security - remain identical to those offered by IronKey.

The version of Firefox supported used by the embedded secure browser should have been updated although we were unable to confirm which version is used. An issue with the original IronKey was that support could be slow to arrive as new versions appeared.

In the last two years, Imation has devoted time and money to buying up secure USB stick vendors, including MXI and McAfee in addition to IronKey as part of a strategy of turning storage products into service-drives vertical businesses.

The IronKey S250 costs from $109 (£70) for the 8GB model. Pricing for the D250 model starts at $89.