IBM is to stop selling the BlackIce PC Protection security suite, a product that came under its wing after buying Internet Security Systems (ISS) a year ago for $1.3 billion.

The company will stop selling BlackIce on September 19, and end technical support for the product, which is only for PCs running Windows, on September 29, 2008, according to ISS.

IBM said its ISS division would no longer offer desktop or server protection software for the consumer market, but also noted that the company still has security software suitable for small businesses.

After the ISS acquisition users expressed concern about how IBM would continue to sell the company's stand-alone products. ISS focuses on network security products and managed security services, selling intrusion prevention and detection systems and security appliances.

"It looks like IBM might be beginning to drop support for the home and small business market from the ISS range, starting with these products," said Carl Jongsma, a security researcher with S√Ľnnet Beskerming, a security company. "Hopefully, they won't go further than that."

At least one other vendor is stepping in to fill the gap. Sunbelt Software is offering to current BlackIce customers a one-year subscription to its own Personal Firewall, including free technical support. Sunbelt's software is a host intrusion protection product and includes features such as content filtering.