HP Tru64 Unix, HP's venerable OS, has been found to suffer from "highly critical" security flaws involving remote access to systems.

According to security site Secunia, HP has revealed little detail about what the vulnerabilies exactly are nor who they are most likely to affect, only that it has "fixed some vulnerabilities in Tru64, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system" and that "the vulnerabilities are caused due to unspecified errors within the certificate handling of IPsec/IKE". Versions affected are 5.1B PK2(BL22) and PK3(BL24), and 5.1A PK6(BL24). The assumption to be drawn from this is that the issue concerns authentication.

More about the problem, the third Tru64 security vulnerability in as many months, and downloadable patches are here.