The increasingly tricksy hacker known as ‘Guccifer’ has struck again, this time posting links to the first 50 pages of an unpublished novel by Sex and the City author, Candace Bushnell.

True to his or her established credential-sniffing methods, the hacker appears to have found a way into the author’s Earthlink email account before discovering the 37,000 words of the novel Killing Monica as a document attached to an email sent to a publisher.

Extraordinarily, the hacker was also able to hack into the author’s Twitter account in order to post links to screengrabs of the book’s pages on a Google Drive repository before hijacking her website, making it a near clean sweep.

“Here you can read my last book ''killing monica'' first 50 pages; enjoy as long as you can!,” read the tweet on 7 May.

The Twitter account was secured after a period of time but the link to the Google Drive of Bushnell’s book was still available a day on from the attack.

Adding insult to injury, the attacker was also able to intercept emails between Bushnell and her agent as she tried to regain control of her Twitter account plus a number of private images and other personal messages.

“Oh dear this is terrible,” one of Bushnell’s emails reads.

In an interview, Bushnell reportedly said that the same attacker had tried and failed to break into her Facebook account. The IP address from which the access was attempted was in New Mexico although this would likely be a proxy rather than Guccifer’s location.

This hacker has form and a growing notoriety. In February, Guccifer broke into the email accounts of friends and relatives of former US President George W Bush and his father George HW Bush, publishing an inconsequential miscellany of private correspondence and images.

There doesn’t appear to be a conventional political motivation to any of this although only a few weeks after the Bush attack, the same attacker broke into the Facebook page of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell to post anti-Bush statements.

Since then, Guccifer has also reportedly attacked email accounts belonging to various high-profile individuals. That seems to be the logic; embarrass the wealthy and powerful.