Messaging vendor Gordano has released standalone software designed to help IT managers fight spam and viruses on various mail servers, including Exchange and Notes.

The Gordano Vanguard Server includes features that were part of the Gordano Messaging Suite. The company decided to create a standalone product to offload security services and improve the performance of the email hygiene tools and the email server itself.

The server has two levels of antivirus scanning. The first is traditional, signature-based virus protection. Anything not caught in that filter is run through a zero-hour scanner with up-to-the-minute information on new viruses.

The anti-spam engine uses recurrent-pattern-detection software that Gordano is licensing via an OEM agreement with Commtouch Software . The engine also draws knowledge from IP reputation and anomaly-detection services and includes additional checks, such as Bayesian filtering, phrase-based checks, sender policy-framework record checks and message-quality checks. In addition, the company has added support for whitelists to filter by such identifiers as machine name and sender receipts.

Vanguard Server also contains quarantine services that can be centralised with the administrator or delegated to users. Support for scanning files coded in the Open Document Format is included.

In addition, the company has worked with the Internet Watch Foundation, an independent hotline in the United Kingdom, to offer protection against images of child pornography and child abuse.

"What we have is software designed for the edge, a boundary protection type of role," says John Stanners, CEO of Gordano. "We are taking the weight off the messaging server."

In doing so, Stanners says, Gordano built in support for other messaging platforms, including industry leaders Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes . That support is on top of its support for multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Security-Enhanced Linux, Solaris and AIX.