A pair of hackers have created the ultimate gadget for finding unsecured WiFi connections, one made with a surplus US Army drone. "Mike" and "Rich", also known as Rabbit Hole, created the autonomous W.A.S.P (WiFi Aerial Surveillance Platform) to fly around and find people's unsecured Internet connections.

Once the WiFi sniffer finds a signal, it goes into a holding pattern over the network. From there it can send the signals back to its operators on the ground using either WiFi, 3G or RF connections. Inside the W.A.S.P is an ITX-form-factor computer, with a 500MHz Via C7 processor running Backtrack 4 (a penetration testing suite used commonly in Linux).

The two guys built the plane (complete with eyes and yellow and black paint) in their garage, and it only weighs 13 pounds. The Rabbit Hole guys haven't said what the drone will do with the signals it receives, but Rabbit Hole could use the gadget for both good and evil. So if your unsecured WiFi is going slow for some reason, and you live in Indiana or Illinois, check outside for a rather large "insect."

And be sure to watch Revision3's interview with the creators from the latest Defcon conference in Las Vegas, where they presented the W.A.S.P creation.

[ Rabbit Hole via Dvice and Hack a Day]