F5 has added security enhancements to its Big-IP applications delivery platform. The company, which launched version 10 of the Big-IP software last month, held off on the security additions to the product.

The BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) web application firewall. Big-IP ASM is aimed at enterprises and service providers that need to consolidate their infrastructure and more confidently secure, deploy, and optimise applications.

There are two key elements to the enhancements, said F5's director of security product management, Mark Vondenkamp. "We've introduced protection against Layer 7 denial of service and brute force attacks. For the former, new functionality monitors latency of applications and tests them against pre-set levels. If those levels are exceeded, then the applications are blocked. F5 has also introduced ASM support for Viprion, its chassis-based platform.

In an unrelated move, F5 has also partnered with database security vendor Secerno. The companies have teamed up to deliver integrated security technology to insurance company Cardiff Pinnacle. The company has opted for Secerno DataWall and F5's BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) as a combined, integrated solution to secure both web and database tiers.

The company, which is a heavy user of VMware virtualisation, has opted for technology that will help it maintain protection while using VMware's VMmotion, live migration feature,