The European Union is considering implementing a system to warn smaller businesses about IT security threats.

The proposed European Information Sharing and Alert System (EISAS) could take the form of a web portal that uses RSS feeds and SMS messages, as well as other methods such as mailing lists and mass media contact.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the EU's computer security agency, is conducting a feasibility study as to the viability of such a service.

The study looks at how security information would best be gathered and distributed in multiple languages among SMBs across Europe, ENISA said in its quarterly newsletter. The alert system could include guidelines for best practices such as password security, current news on security threats such as viruses and worms, and recommendations for administrators.

The study is also considering the speed at which information could be distributed and how the information is sourced, such as from independent security organisations and vendors, ENISA said.

Other alert projects have been started, but so far, "none of them could be considered fully successful, at least on wide deployment," ENISA said in the newsletter.

ENISA also wants to make a conclusion on what the value of the system will be and if it will contribute to enhancing the overall security culture in Europe. The final study will be delivered in June, in Germany.