A year after launching in the US, GeoTrust has launched its PDF verification system in Europe.

The software integrates with Adobe’s LiveCycle Document Security server, allowing PDF documents to be distributed in a way that guarantees they have come from a verified sender and have not been tampered with.

Recipients can view the documents on any Adobe Acrobat reader, as they would any other PDF. There is no need to grapple with or understand the encryption that underlies the technology.

The creation, sending and verification of large volumes of PDFs can be automated without the need for human intervention using the high-end version of the system, True Credentials. This uses a special accelerator card placed in a server to increase throughput to a potential rate of thousands of documents per second.

For low-volume customers, GeoTrust is making available a version based on using physical USB tokens, called My Credential. These plug straight into a PC from which the PDFs are to be created, and is based on the generation of X-509 certificates on-the-fly.

The low-volume version is available at a starting price of £550 ($900) per annum for a single token, which drops if more tokens are purchased. The corporate product is sold on the volume of documents that go through the system.

“Many organisations that need to send important documents electronically, such as contracts, invoices or diplomas, need to know that the document is from a trusted source and has not been altered, said Paul Tourret, managing director, GeoTrust Europe.

GeoTrust is still the only verification system for Adobe’s Livecycle, launched over a year ago for US customers.