Europe and Asia have pledged to joint the anti-spam battle, with 38 countries promising to work together.

The countries - the 25 members of the EU and 13 Asian countries, including China, South Korea and Japan - have agreed to a joint drive to fight spam and promote anti-spam efforts.

According to a December 2004 report by anti-virus software maker Sophos, more than 20 percent of global spam originates in China and South Korea. The EU "cannot act alone in the fight against spam as it is essentially borderless," said EU information society commissioner Viviane Reding. It is crucial that the problem be taken seriously worldwide, particularly in regions where spam originates, she said.

Participants in the European-Asian initiative are calling on governments and industry to ensure that adequate anti-spam frameworks, including appropriate legislation, are in place in every country.

The statement commits the 38 governments to hold regular discussions on the problem and take action including effective enforcement, awareness raising, industry self-regulation, technical solutions and partnerships between governments and the Internet community.