ESoft has launched a web security gateway that provides enterprises with URL- and web-content filtering, as well as a number of management and protection features.

The ThreatWall Web Security Gateway appliance, which is available now, goes beyond the traditional role of web filters that block users from visiting certain sites based on their URLs or content, said eSoft.

The company has included in the new appliances its bimodal scanning technology, which has proxy-based scanning for URL filtering and malware detection along with real-time, packet-based scanning that offers web server and browser security, instant messaging and peer-to-peer security, and application-layer intrusion prevention, said eSoft.

Web infrastructure and application security is achieved by scanning all web traffic for signs of attacks on servers, browsers, and applications. According to eSoft, the appliance combines signature-based scanning for known attacks, with anomaly detection and heuristics to find new threats. It also includes eSoft's own reputation services to protect users from visiting sites known to distribute malware. The appliance automatically generates logs, alarms and summary reports of threats.

By tying into Microsoft's Active Directory, administrators can set policies regarding which websites users can visit and when, on an individual or group-by-group basis, says eSoft. Detailed reports can be generated that summarise web use. The appliance also includes IM and P2P controls that let companies limit user aces to thse services.