Proofpoint said it is adding policy-based encryption to its email content filtering appliance.

The upgraded Proofpoint Secure Messaging software, slated for availability in June, adds Voltage's identity-based encryption (IBE) technology to the existing content-filtering capabilities, according to company officials. With this addition, Proofpoint's appliances will automatically encrypt email based on policies set by administrators as the messages leave the corporate network.

This ability to encrypt at the gateway based on pre-set policies frees users from having to remember which outbound messages need to be encrypted, the company said. With the new module, messages that are encrypted at the desktop can be decrypted at the gateway and inspected against content security policies, then encrypted again before being sent out.

By having encryption in the same appliance, messages don't need to be routed between devices, the company said, therefore reducing hardware costs and enhancing performance.

The new module, along with Proofpoint's other modules such as those for regulatory compliance and digital asset security, can be managed through the same console.

Pricing for Proofpoint's policy-based email encryption software will begin at $20,000.