Companies increasingly seeking advice on issues such as cyber security has led to professional services firm Ernst & Young's (EY) latest recruitment drive.

In the UK, EY is looking to hire 2,400 experienced people in the next 12 months, to meet growing demand from its clients for advisory services. It will also hire 700 graduates, 500 undergraduates and 150 school leavers.

"Demand is being driven by companies seeking advice on a whole range of issues, from managing the growing threat of cyber security - one of the hottest issues for UK plc this year - to working with fast-growth markets and adapting to on-going regulatory changes as a result of the financial crisis," an EY spokesperson said.

She added: "There is also a high demand for advisory services to the financial services industry."

Banks such as Barclays and Santander have recently hit the headlines for being attacked by cyber criminals attempting to steal money using remote computer devices.

EY started its recruitment process on 1 July 2013, the start of its financial year. It is also increasing its workforce in line with ambitious growth plans set out in its global strategy.

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