Declude has produced a new version of its anti-spam and anti-virus product for gateways.

The new Interceptor will release Declude's products from their tie-in with Ipswitch's IMail and SmarterTools' SmarterMail e-mail servers.

The core technology behind the software is called Security Flaw Scanning, which is designed to catch structurally flawed messages in which viruses can easily hide and pass through virus scanners undetected, says marketing director Dave Barker.

One user, technology head at the Boston Celtics, Jay Wessel, said his company had been spared a number of Outlook email threats by Declude's technology, used in conjunction with other ant-virus products. "We use Declude out at the periphery, and the bulk of the [protection] is done by Declude. I've absolutely seen some of those Outlook vulnerability exploits, and they get blocked," he says. "I would hope that at the user level the other [antivirus] tools would be doing their jobs, but I don't like taking chances."

Interceptor also comes with third-party spam protection and AVG virus scanning, plus whitelist and blacklist monitoring, pre-defined reports offering threat statistics, and automatic updates for administrators.

While entering the already crowded email security market is risky, Declude CEO Rich Person says the company's unique scanning technology and pricing strategy sets it apart. Interceptor costs from $375 per year for those with 10 to 15 employees up to a maximum of $12,500 per year.