ConSentry has revealed that its NAC gear will be sold as part of the Alcatel - Lucent line of network equipment for at least a three-year period.

The ConSentry LANShield switches and controllers will be labelled as part of Alcatel-Lucent's OmniAccess products, with the assurance that the equipment will interoperate with these switches and routers, according to the sales and marketing agreement.

ConSentry makes two NAC devices, one of which, the LANShield Controller, sits between access and core switches authenticating users and enforcing per user and per application security policies once users have been admitted to networks. If a user attempts an activity that's not allowed by the policy, the ConSentry box blocks that traffic.

The other device, the LANShield Switch, adds an Ethernet switch to the capabilities of the Controller, so it enforces the same policies on a port-by-port basis.

Initially, the ConSentry devices will function with Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure as if it was bought separately from ConSentry, but both companies say they are interested in integrating the products so ConSentry features are embedded in Alcatel-Lucent equipment. Alcatel-Lucent described the companies as having "very serious discussions for potential integration," and that these would likely turn into new products within the three-year term of the sales and marketing agreement.

This could enhance security features already present in Alcaltel-Lucent switches and software, such as its quarantine manager that isolates devices detected to be possible security threats. It could also integrate with Acatel-Lucent firewalls to automatically alter policies based on newly detected threats.

Alcatel-Lucent says it wanted a high-speed intrusion detection/prevention platform to add to its network security portfolio.

This alliance is similar to others set up by ConSentry competitors with network switch vendors. Lockdown Networks has relationships with Enterasys and Foundry Networks , for example, and StillSecure has relationships with Foundry and Extreme Networks .