Irish compliance outfit Compliance & Risks (C&R) has extended what it claims is now the most comprehensive database of compliance laws, regulations and international standards on the market.

The web-based Compliance to Product (C2P) knowledge base covers a total of 1,380 such regulations across the globe, and promises to steer hard-pressed IT and security officers through what would otherwise be an overwhelming maze of specialist knowledge.

Assembled and constantly updated by a team of legal specialists, the target market for the knowledge base was currently electronics industry, but a company spokesperson said the regulatory information could be re-configured to suit any sector.

The system could also be used by managers and lawyers working for a company to quickly understand the scope of a particular regulation while being given advice on how to cope with chosen elements.
Themes covered in C2P included “batteries, energy efficiency, recycling and take-back, corporate governance, hazardous substances, waste management and packaging.”

“What C2P offers our clients, is a strategic Knowledge Base of environmental and product legislation, giving them the ability to identify issues, solve problems and take decisions far more quickly,” said Compliance & Risks CEO, Damien McGovern.

“The same legal data team that ‘transforms’ legislation into our easy-to-manage C2P structure, also works closely with individual customers to refine and customise the content of their own proprietary C2P systems. In that way, specific legislation relevant to their particular company operations is brought into the picture and connected to internal specifications and documents. It makes the system even more intelligent,” he said.

Customers could either buy a one-off licence, or re-license on a year-to-year basis. The company could also tailor the C2P knowledge base to suit a particular client.