Clearswift has upgraded its email appliance to provide policy management for both their email and the web.

MimeSweeper E-mail Appliance 2.6 also tracks how policies are managed and enforced for compliance reasons, according to company officials..

It lets companies manage their outbound email, blocking unauthorised sensitive financial data such as credit card or Social Security numbers, officials said. Anti-spam features have been bolstered in this release with a new filtering engine that blocks traditional and image spam.

The new release also includes grey-listing, a technique that requests email being sent from an unknown IP address try to resend again later, which most spammers won't bother to do, they said.

Clearswift has also included an upgraded version of its TrustManager reputation service that offers more detailed control over which emails are allowed into an organisation. Previously the MimeSweeper appliance would accept or reject a message; with the upgrade a message can be deemed good, neutral, suspicious or bad, giving users additional options such as quarantining or throttling questionable messages, they said.

The company has also added backup and restore options to the appliance for scheduled or immediate backup of the device to a remote FTP server.

Following a recent trend to provide enterprises with more flexible deployment options, Clearswift is making this release of MimeSweeper available as a virtual appliance that works with VMware's ESX server, officials said.