Citrix has warned customers about a fake ShareFile site that is luring administrators with fake discounts if they hand over their credentials.

ShareFile users were sent an email last Friday to alert them to the fraudulent website at the URL of, which has subsequently been blocked by Google and most broswers. The site tricked customers into entering their details to obtain discounts and offers for ShareFile services.

ShareFile said: "As soon as we learned of the site we began working aggressively to have it removed from the internet. In fact, the site is already marked as fraudulent by most browsers.

"The security of the ShareFile website, the ShareFile application, and the data stored within ShareFile was not in any way compromised by this fraudulent site."

However administrators have been advised to contact account users including employees and clients to ensure they are using the correct URL to access the ShareFile web app. They also advised users changed their password if they believed they had accessed the scam site.

A spokesperson for Citrix told said, "As soon as we learned of the fraudulent site, we immediately took action to have it removed from the internet."

Last week the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) phished an advertising network which displayed "Stop publishing fake reports and false articles about Syria!" on Reuters' news website, following a similar attack on The Sunday Times' site.

Japanese security software company Trend Micro also warned of a phishing campaign touting a "Heartbleed removal" tool that began to circulate following the SSL flaw hype.