Cisco is introducing an intrusion-prevention sensor that the company claims is twice as fast its previous high-end device. The IPS 4270 has been designed to protect high-speed connections to datacentres and WAN links without slowing traffic.

The product can screen for internal and external attacks depending on where it is deployed. Cisco uses a new rating system to describe the throughput of the device, giving it a speed for rich-media traffic and a separate rating for transactional traffic. IPS 4270 runs at 4Gbit/s for media-rich traffic and 2Gbit/s for enterprises requiring many transactions. It supports as many as 20,000 transactions per second

The device can be managed by three platforms: Cisco IPS Device Manager, Cisco Security Manager and Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis and Response System (MARS).

IPS 4270 costs US$90,000 (£45,000) for a configuration that includes four 1Gbit/s Ethernet ports, either copper or fibre. The chassis supports up to 16Gbit/s ports and has two power supplies.

Nortel has worked with Symantec to add intrusion prevention to its application switches that sit in front of data centers. Enterasys has added the same capability at 10Gbit/s to its Dragon switches.