Cisco has a new range of security software for squashing virus and worms at the front door - incoming LAN switch or WAN router ports.

In a joint launch with Trend Micro, Cisco said it will offer a server-based product that can tell Cisco routers and switches to limit the traffic rate or shut down ports on devices if virus or worm activity is detected on a network. Trend Micro will provide the virus signatures.

The networking giant also announced some security software updates and security management products.

On the data centre front, the first re-branded product from its acquisition of InfiniBand switch maker TopSpin, with the Server Fabric Switch and VframeTM software for managing virtualised server images connected to the device.

Cisco's Incident Control System (ICS) server communicates with a virus/worm updating service from Trend Micro, runs on Windows servers, and receives updates on the latest malware definitions. It also communicates with Cisco intrusion-prevention system (IPS) gear on a network. If the IPS detects virus traffic, the ICS is triggered and distributes access control lists (ACL) to compatible Cisco switches and routers on the network.

If the ICS receives notice of a worm that uses Port 80, for example, ACLs to rate-limit or block Port 80 traffic can be sent to all network equipment, locking out potential infected traffic.

Cisco has also updated the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (CMARS), a software management tool. The update to the product lets Cisco routers and switches receive signals to activate pre-installed ACLs for certain worms in case that worm activity is detected on a network.

There are also updates for Cisco's IPS device software, and a new version of its IOS software with added security features.

ICS' pricing starts at $9,200. A licence for services that provide security updates range from $1,200 to $5,000. The CMARS, IPS and IOS updates are scheduled for release later this year.