Check Point customers will this week get their hands on the latest version of the company's endpoint security client, R72, which features a new security-boosting ‘sandbox' browsing mode.

The new WebCheck technology in R72 uses a mixture of approaches to keep corporate web browsing within certain safe limits, the company said. These included heuristic security checks based on ‘signatures' of known malware websites, analysis of unknown ones for suspicious behaviour, but also a virtualised browsing mode - a sandbox - that limits the damage of any successful attack.

WebCheck itself can be configured centrally to set policies for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, with a console offering information on security events and logs.

The overhauled client software also simplifies VNP connectivity with a new ‘OneCheck' single sign-on and auto-connection function that smoothes logging on to remote Windows shares, disk encryption, including when individuals move between LAN, wireless and even 3G connections.

According to Check Point, this removed the need to access multiple resources using separate logins, something which could turn into a support problem for remote users. The VNP feature is a Check Point-only technology and requires an enterprise to have the company's VPN gateways installed.

"Web browsing is an inevitable activity done by employees everyday, which can introduce unpredictable threats on an individual's PC as well as in the corporate network," said Toshikazu Ohtani, general manager at NEC of Japan, a cited customer of the product. "It [R72] gives us the needed protections and a seamless user experience."

"Check Point adds an additional tool in its overall endpoint security arsenal with Endpoint Point Security R72 that addresses an area of concern for enterprises," said, chief security officer at

"With so many threats out there, the key to preventing attacks is how an enterprise manages its security infrastructure as well as the protections themselves. Check Point offers businesses one endpoint security agent with all the needed protections that can be effectively managed through one console," said Fujitsu America's Jonathan Steenland, a second reference customer.

The rest of R72's feature set will be familiar to users of the previous version, R71, and include network access control, full disk and media encryption, port control, remote anti-virus and firewalling.