Broadwing Communications announced Monday that it is teaming up with Prolexic to offer customers a service that fights distributed denial-of-service attacks.

The provider says its service, which will likely be called Broadwing DDoS Mitigation, will offer users real-time DDOS detection and mitigation. The carrier hasn't officially named the offering.

Broadwing says it is connecting its IP network with Prolexic's data centers, where customer traffic will be monitored for DDOS activity. If an attack is detected it will automatically be mitigated, while "good" traffic continues to be delivered.

The service is not expected to be available until this summer. Broadwing says it will offer custom arrangements for customers that need anti-DDOS services today.

While offering anti-DDOS services is a positive move for Broadwing customers, the service provider is lagging behind competitors in this area.

AT&T debuted its first anti-DDOS service in 2004. The service provider has also been working on an extensive threat-management system called Aurora.

MCI launched its first service to protect against DDOS in early 2005 and upgraded its offering last year by offering users real-time detection and mitigation and access to its own threat-management system.

Like AT&T, Sprint also launched its first anti-DDOS service in 2004.