Up and coming US security firm Bit9 has merged with small but high-regarded ‘incident response’ startup Carbon Black in a deal that will also see $38.25 million (£23.3 million) of venture funding used to seed the joint operation going forward.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed but it’s clear that the venture funds behind both firms saw more value in having the pair working together and stumped up the new money with that in mind.

The sum has been raised from a collection of previous Bit9 VCs plus Blackstone, which put money into the Texas-based Carbon Black, founded in 2011. Bit9’s total investment is now $120 million.

Carbon Black’s product is a sensor that records all endpoint and server events so that they can be sifted later on by a backend ‘big data’ system should a breach be suspected.

The idea is that this is a better incident response system than ploughing through logs or using complex forensics. The concept is that prevention is imperfect but detection and response can still make the difference.

“We founded Carbon Black to dramatically lower the cost and complexity of incident response,” said Mike Viscuso, Carbon Black’s CEO, who will now take up the post of Bit9’s chief strategy officer.

Bit9 itself was founded arrived around a decade ago as a whitelisting and endpoint tech firm but it is only in the last three years that it has made a name for itself despite experiencing a hiccup a year ago when attackers compromised a server holding one of the firm’s own digital certificates.