PC security specialist BeCrypt is set to launch its answer to the problem of laptop security - a whole thin-client operating system that fits on a standard USB stick and can be carried around in place of a PC.

‘Trusted Client’, as it’s called, will be aimed at companies who have home workers not able to use a laptop, or that travel and log into the company network from insecure PCs outside the network.

Using an ‘operating system on a stick’ allows these types of workers to access applications and data, stored in a fully encrypted form, without losing the secure environment of a pre-configured PC, the company said.

The OS is fully bootable, low-level encrypted, and comes bundled with VPN and endpoint security to ensure the software’s integrity. Beyond that, technical details are hard to detail because the company is not due launch the product officially until the Infosecurity Europe show, being held in London later this month, and has yet to elaborate.

The principle seems to be catching, however. Earlier this week, Mandriva announced that it would make available a version of Linux that can be carried around on an identical USM flash drive. Trusted Client also uses Linux, though at time of going to press the specifics had not been confirmed.

“BeCrypt has recognised the need for an inexpensive, mobile environment which has the flexibility to suit all mobile users, while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the environment through authentication,” said CEO, David Holman.

The software has already been on trial with British government department, HM Revenue & Customs, for an undisclosed period.