Arsenal football club is deploying mobile device management from Zenprise to ensure the security of data on employees' smartphones and tablet PCs.

Arsenal decided it to adopt mobile device management when it emerged that employees were increasingly using their own devices - including iPhones, iPads and other smartphones - for work purposes. The high-profile nature of Arsenal’s business meant that confidential data was being accessed and stored on these devices, creating significant security risks.

Zenprise is an O2 engaged Enterprise Applications partner, and as an eight-year customer of O2, Arsenal chose Zenprise to carry out a managed trial of its mobile management application.

Zenprise configures and provisions devices to give the user fast access to enterprise email, calendars and contacts. It also offers automatic Wi-Fi and VPN configuration, allowing the user to access a company’s resources behind the firewall.

“From my perspective, no matter which devices people want to use, it’s essential that we‘re able to keep the data on them secure, and manage them efficiently and with confidence,” said Arsenal’s IT director Hywel Sloman. “We’re able to add and configure a new device in around a minute and provide ongoing support without any fuss.”

Sloman said that the best feature of the Zenprise app was that it can remotely wipe lost devices in seconds. “That’s a tremendous feature whether you’re in the public eye or not,” he said. “My users are happy with the freedom it gives them and I’m happy with the security and flexibility.”

Zenprise also enables organisations to identify unused iPhones and iPads, which can then be reallocated to another user.

Last month, O2 launched a new set of services designed to help firms introduce more flexible and effective working practices. The package of services, called Joined Up People, provides security tools from Zenprise, as well as FibreLink and Asavie, for services such as device management and security, software management and device discovery.