Arbor Networks has launched a new Cloud Protection version of its anti-DDoS mitigation service. New attractions include the ability to protect enterprises in multiple locations in the world at the same time while deflecting even the most massive attacks.

Currently, DDoS protection is bought by major service providers that sell it on to their customers (mostly large enterprises or governments) in the form of reactive protection. Organisations with their own data centres also buy on-premise appliances to layer this form of protection nearer the network’s core.

This model has works quite well up to the 3Gbps threshold of most network pipes, beyond which it starts to buckle under expense. Multi-site organisations are also at the mercy of service providers in different countries, some of whom offer advanced protection while others don't.

According to Arbor, the answer is to put anti-DDoS in the cloud from where it can be reached from anywhere, scaling to meet even the most severe events. Service providers, too, can buy the same service, reselling it anywhere and everywhere.

Customers already using Arbor’s Pravail appliances can dovetail this kind of perimeter anti-DDoS with the Cloud Protection.

Using a cloud service was particularly useful when defending against large volumetric attacks that have become more common in the last year, said Arbor’s solutions architect, Darren Anstee.

“Enterprises can get protection from the largest DDoS attacks that might overwhelm their mitigation,” he said.

Beating this sort of occasional attack would otherwise require a heavy investment beyond the means of many organisations. Arbor had set up three global ‘scrubbing’ centres in North America and EMEA, with an Asian centre planned, he said.

Putting anti-DDoS in the cloud made protection simpler for enterprises and more commercially attractive to service providers.

“We’ve helped many of our service provider customers launch cloud-based DDoS managed protection services, and Arbor Cloud will give them another way to scale and expand these services cost effectively,” agreed Anstee’s colleague, president Colin Doherty.

“For the larger enterprise, the story is simple. An integrated on-premise and cloud-based DDoS protection solution is needed for optimal DDoS protection. Our channel partners are excited about this new offering from Arbor because they understand there is a need in the market for best practices DDoS defense,” he said.

A few weeks back, Arbor announced a tie-up with Google to "demystify" DDoS attacks using a visualisation tool capable of showing global trends. The curious can find the fruits of the collaboration at the following site.