Application Security has upgraded its database security system, DBProtect. The company is to release DbProtect 2008.2 this summer, offering support for many European compliance requirements, including Basel II.

Application Security’s president Toby Weiss said that the company was tapping into the fear generated by highly-publicised security breaches. He said that incidents such as the TJ Maxx breach and the HMRC data loss were highly effective in generating interest in the product. He said that interest from one customer often generated interest from another. “It’s a halo effect: if a neighbour’s house is burgled, then there’s a lot of interest in installing burglar alarms for other houses in the street,” he said.

The new version of DbProtect will incorporate a new interface based on the widely used Cognos infrastructure. “Previously, the reporting functionality was based on software that we’d written ourselves. We wanted to introduce something that users were more familiar with and Cognos was the clear leader,” said Ted Julian, Application Security’s VP of marketing.

He added that Application Security had also improved the dashboard capabilities of DbProtect and enhanced the task automation capabilities.

Weiss said that the product had not been designed to replace database vendors’ own security. He said that the company worked closely with all the major vendors. “We think that the database vendors do a pretty good job when it comes to security features,” he said. “The trouble is that too many companies don’t implement all the features and are pretty careless when it comes allowing access. There are many procedures that could be followed to tighten up security but organisations don’t do this.”

He added that the DbProtect offered its customers four strands of protection: “We offer discovery of problems, auditing, reporting and evaluation of the seriousness – no other company offers all four,” he claimed.

Dbprotect 2008.2, which will be available from June, will start from $3000 (£1500) per database per year.