Apple has warned Windows users that a very small number (under 1 per cent) of its latest iPod (with video) models are affected by a virus.

Just 25 reports concerning this problem have been received by Apple so far. The problem does not affect data on infected PCs.

Apple's technical support website warns: "We recently discovered that a small number - less than 1 per cent - of the video iPods available for purchase after September 12 left our contract manufacturer carrying the Windows RavMonE.exe virus."

"The iPod nano, iPod shuffle and Mac OS X are not affected, and all video iPods now shipping are virus free," said company vice president Greg Joswiak.

Joswiak explained how the virus infected these small number of iPods: "As you're probably aware, the majority of iPod sales are made to Windows users, so we have some Windows terminals on our production line," he explained.

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