Apple has released a patch that fixes two vulnerabilities in its Airport Extreme Base Station wireless router device.

The firmware update fixes a bug found in certain versions of the Base Station that prevented it from acting as a firewall by blocking IPv6 traffic by default.

"This may expose network services on hosts connected through an AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n to remote attacks," Apple said in an advisory.

Both of the bugs, patched in version 7.1 of the product's firmware, affect only the 802.11n versions of the router, Apple said.

The second Base Station flaw could let an attacker view filenames - but not file contents - on a password-protected USB hard drive connected to the Base Station via the AirPort Disk feature.

Apple recommends that users download the latest version of the AirPort software before installing the router update. Windows and Mac versions of the updates can be found here.