AlgoSec has launched an appliance with firewall analysis software pre-installed, giving customers a fourth option for using the company's tools.

AlgoSec 1020 and AlgoSec 1080 appliances are designed for different sized deployments, the first for handling 150 firewalls and the second for handling 1,000.

AlgoSec also sells its applications as software to be loaded on hardware by customers or as software for deployment on virtual machines. VARS and service providers sell managed services based on these products.

AlgoSec competes with Tufin, Secure Passage and others. The appliance can support AgloSec Firewall Analyzer, Fireflow or both.

Firewall Analyzer examines firewall rules, discovers redundant, unused and conflicting rules and recommends purging those that are unnecessary in order to improve performance. It automates audits for Check Point, Cisco and Juniper firewalls.

Reports can show recent changes and how they may represent unintentional risks that may need to be addressed.

FireFlow is a companion product that manages the workflow around changing firewall rules, ensuring that they do what they are supposed to do and that they don't overlap with existing rules.

Both appliances are available now. AlgoSec 1020 starts at $4,900 (£3,460) and AlgoSec 1080 starts at $14,500 (£10,245). Price varies depending on licence type, product edition and quantity.