AEP Networks is bringing a smaller, lower-cost network access control appliance to the small business market.

NACpoint Small Office, announced at Interop Las Vegas, supports up to 50 users and has all the features of the company's larger device.

The product sits out of line with network traffic and can be configured to block, allow or quarantine devices coming onto the network. The company says most of the demand for its NAC gear comes from businesses that need to check whether the laptops of contractors, consultants and guests meet network security policies.

Customers use a web interface to manage the devices, and there is a feature to copy configurations from device to device, but no separate management platform. The company says management software is planned for later this year.

The device can export syslog data to external reporting software and can generate reports on who accesses what resources while on the network.

AEP competes with other out-of-band NAC appliance makers including Mirage and StillSecure. It licenses its software from Lockdown Networks.

AEP says its gear is meant to address current demand for a way to control access of non-corporate laptops quickly. But long term, the company expects that NAC probably will be built into network switches.

NACpoint Small office costs $7,500 to $10,000.