ABN Amro has lost a tape containing personal information on two million of its customers, the mortgage company has admitted.

The tape was lost a month ago while being transported by DHL to a credit reporting company. It contained the names, account information, payment histories and Social Security numbers for residential mortgage customers.

"We have no reason at this time to believe this information has been misused," said CEO Thomas Goldstein.

The tape was lost on 18 November and ABN Amro is reviewing its handling procedures to ensure it doesn't happen again. The company also said it is enrolling its residential mortgage customers in a credit monitoring service for 90 days at no cost. "We and other lenders routinely provide this information to credit reporting companies to ensure your credit record is up-to-date," the company said.

One IT manager whose mortgage information was lost and who received a letter notifying him of the missing tape, said that while it may have been a shipping slip up, he is frustrated that no matter how careful he is about identify theft, he’s "at the mercy of other entities out there".

"Last time I looked, FedEx and UPS state that on their shipping forms in spite of insurance, if something is truly valuable to you - eg non-replaceable - you shouldn’t use their services. Sure seems like people’s identities fall into this category."