Pizza Hut has come to the rescue of its indecisive customers, and developed an app to predict which pizza they most desire.

The “Subconscious menu” can be downloaded to a customer’s device and features 20 toppings and almost 5,000 different pizza combinations.

Pizza Hut's 'Subconscious menu' app
Pizza Hut's 'Subconscious menu' app

Customers simply watch their screens to see a selection of ingredients, while the app's algorithms select the customer’s most desired pizza.

It does this with eye-tracking technology developed by leading eye control software vendor Tobii.

The technology tracks which ingredients the customer’s eyes linger on for longer, and then an algorithm combines these ingredients and in less than three seconds selects the most appropriate pizza with these toppings.

Developed in six months by the marketing team, the pizza chain said it could be rolled out to UK branches if the pilots are successful.

So far it has had a 98 percent success rate.

Kathryn Austin, head of marketing at Pizza Hut UK, said: "We wanted to try a few ideas on the traditional menu format and we’re delighted to have developed the world's first Subconscious Menu, a unique way to reinvent the dining experience".

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