British Gas has deployed the CloudSense Commerce system for its heating field sales and contact centre sales teams to improve its Salesforce platform.

The CloudSense Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology ensures that British Gas call centre staff always have the correct information if a customer calls them to take a field sales proposal further. The CloudSense Anywhere tablet-based app, incorporating CPQ, is being used by British Gas heating sales advisors in the field.

British Gas field worker Apple iPad
British Gas said heating sales advisors now use the iPads instead of laptops, which provide greater flexibility. Image credit: British Gas/CloudSense

British Gas used the Salesforce Digital Sales Aid, which now integrates into CloudSense Anywhere, to create a more efficient single app. All users in the contact centre and the field can now access Salesforce via a single interface – a browser in the call centre or an iPad application in the field. A previous set-up depended on the data migrating between different cloud providers before it was visible in Salesforce.

British Gas said heating sales advisors use CloudSense to work in a “quicker and more intuitive way” with a near real-time exchange of data and providing a single source of information for each customer. Instead of laptops, they now use the iPads, which “provide far more flexibility” and enable them to “concentrate more on listening and talking to customers”, British Gas said.

David Bowring, head of technology at British Gas central heating installations, said: “Our sales people are now able to offer multiple proposals and quotations effortlessly, using different parameters, providing the customer with a wider choice of options than before.”

He said: “The customer experience is much improved as the heating sales advisors now spend less time focusing on the technology and more time listening to customers, hearing what they need and recommending a solution. Their sales experience is put to better use and the customer gets an improved consultation with a proposed solution that is better for them.”