Software vendor Zynstra has launched a new hybrid cloud service for SMBs that will be managed remotely.

The Bath-based firm said its IT services are a mix of patent-pending technology and HP ProLiant servers that will be delivered through IT service provider partners.

The IT service providers use Zynstra’s cloud-based management console to remotely manage the HP servers, providing the firm’s customers with storage, security, and disaster recovery, in addition to applications like SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

Zynstra claims the pay monthly service can deliver enterprise-class services without any upfront costs to businesses with 10-250 employees.

Nick East, chief executive of Zynstra, told Techworld: “We ‘miniaturise’ private cloud technology and deliver it to the customer’s premises. The entire thing is managed through the cloud by a service provider and software updates are controlled by Zynstra.”

“Until now, SMBs had to choose between an all-cloud approach or traditional IT. Unlike large enterprises, they were not offered the option to mix the two and benefit from both – the reliability and security of on-premise IT and the economics and flexibility of the cloud.”

All of the hybrid cloud deployments will be standardised to avoid the failures that are more common in customised systems and allow companies to add more end users, according to East.

The end-user price for a basic solution is less than £50 per user per month, said East, adding that the final price is driven by the number of users, data volumes and applications and the additional services provided by the partner.

Michael Clifford, cloud director of HP UK and Ireland, commented: “Zynstra is changing how SMEs can buy IT, giving them choices that they didn’t have before. In conjunction with HP hardware, Zynstra’s technology enables the company to provide SMEs with the functionality, cloud capability and low per-user cost that, until now, only large enterprises could enjoy.”

Meanwhile, Freeform Dynamics analyst Tony Lock told Techworld that many of the companies offering similar services to Zynstra don’t know how to reach their potential customers.

“Most companies underestimate how to reach customers in the first place,” he said. “They’re naïve and think they’ll find them through the web but in fact customers buy these services through channel partners and Zynstra recognises this.”