Zeus Technology, the British software-based application delivery controller company, has announced the launch of a new suite of traffic management aimed at meeting the concerns of users who run mult-site environments.

The company's new suite of products includes a new version of the Zeus Traffic Manager and a new product, the Zeus Multi-Site Manager. Zeus said that it was responding to the needs of its customers who were having to grapple with the complexity of multi-site installations. According to a survey commissioned by Zeus, 82 percent of respondents with more than one datacentre said that they found them difficult to manage. And there are a lot of them: according to the survey, 95 percent of IT professionals have to look after multi-site environments.

The problem is compounded particularly when managers have to look after a mixture of the organisation's own data centres and cloud computing sites, said David Day, Zeus's CTO. He said that the Multi-Site Manager would help companies avoid some of these complexities. "We'll able to present a view from a company datacentre and something like Amazon EC2 and enable the manager to look after them from a single console," he said.

He explained that the software worked by linking to Amazon AMIs, tools that helped third-party software connect to the Amazon cloud, enabling a seamless experience for Zeus users. The use of AMIs has enabled a feature called autoscaling which will help customers set their own levels of functionality for various factors. "For example," said Zeus product manager Owen Garrett," a user could set more CPU, I/O or more memory if needed."

Besides Amazon, the software will also support cloud computing offerings from Rackspace, Terramark, VMware and Rightscale. The product will be available from August.

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