Backup vendor Yosemite Technologies has launched a service pack for its TapeWare 7 software that enables disk-based backup.

The software, which will ship later this month, is designed for small and mid-sized enterprise customers. TapeWare 7 operates on Windows, Linux and NetWare, among other operating systems.

Customers are seeing an increase in backup-to-disk products. Nearly all the backup vendors (IBM/Tivoli, Legato Software, Veritas and Commvault Systems) have added this capability to their products. Backup-to-disk is faster than backing up data to tape, and it is almost as inexpensive. Add to that the problem of retrieving data from tapes that may be kept offsite, and backup-to-disk is an attractive strategy for a company.

Backup-to-disk products will not replace tape, however. They will be used as the primary backup for companies or as a staging area until data can be backed up to tape at the user’s convenience.