Wyse has a new set of products and partnerships in its push for server-based computing.

Wyse CEO John Kish will launch the company's new thin-client computing application alongside Sun president Jonathan Schwartz and CA president John Swainson later today, which whom the company has signed reseller agreements.

The company's new Streaming Manager software can be deployed on servers with the Windows Server 2003 OS to deliver unique sets of applications that run on Windows across a company's network.

IT departments have heard many sales pitches for thin-client computing. The concept involves removing most of the intelligence from a desktop computer, leaving the local user with a relatively dumb terminal and display to access applications and data stored on a central server. This allows IT managers to take closer control of their client systems, which they like, but historically has delivered performance well below that of traditional PCs, which users don't like.

As a result, most companies have stuck with the devil they know, and thin clients only make up about five percent of the desktop computer market, according to Wyse. The difference this time around, according to Kish, is that network performance and software capabilities have dramatically improved and IT managers are increasingly worried about managing security problems.

The company has moved away from building hardware devices to focus on developing software for running thin-client operations. Thin-client hardware has become a very low-margin business, making it more attractive to design and develop software that runs those devices.

With security problems a top concern for many IT managers, thin clients may finally have reached the point where more businesses consider adopting the architecture, said Bob O'Donnell, an analyst with IDC.

Wyse's new product, Wyse Streaming Manager, will let sysadmins deploy applications and the Windows operating system to terminals on their networks as each user logs on to the network, so that no client software resides on the individual terminals.

Streaming Manager will become available later this year and cost $250 per seat. Wyse plans to deliver a future version of Streaming Manager that can deliver different operating systems as well as different sets of applications.