WysDM, a provider of backup reporting software, has added disk array utilisation to its data protection management (DPM) products.

It is following competitor Aptare in embracing disk array reporting and leaving Bocada and Servergraph as pure-play backup reporting vendors.

DPM products provide reports on backup operations across an enterprise. They report across multiple vendors' backup products and can alert management to backup failures that put data protection at risk and may infringe compliance regulations. They can also balance backup loads across drives in a tape library.

There has been a debate about the limits of data protection management products. Should they, for example, report on snapshot and replication activities?

WysDM bundles its products in a suite and has now announced WysDM v4.0. There is a new product; WysDM for Disks, and existing products such as WysDM for Backups and WysDM for File Servers are enhanced.

WysDM for Disks provides configuration and status information for drive arrays. It provides utilisation measurements and can balance LUN (application storage capacity) allocations across array ports to provide balanced performance. These functions are generally found in SAN management products and this indicates that WysDM customers will use the product to manage disk arrays directly attached to servers and not networked.

WysDM for File Servers has been enhanced to provide provisioning and capacity management. It already provides snapshot management.

WysDM's DPM product has had snapshot and replication reporting baked in since the beginning. Aptare's Storage Console 6 product integrates DPM and storage capacity management through a single console. It will have replication reporting added to its feature set.

Neither Bocada nor Servergraph are extending their DPM products to cover disk storage reporting.